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Ready to see websites for sale or established websites for sale? Hang on. Use the tips below so that you buy a genuine website and not be scammed.

1. Ask The Seller To Accept The Payment via Escrow.Com . If there is anything fishy, the seller will most likely avoid for receiving payment.

2. Never complete a payment on your own if you are still unsure about the seller's credentials. Involve your professional brokers to complete the deal. Some times it is better to do this for high value transactions. There are professional people to do this for you.

3. It also makes sense to get appraisal for the website from professional website evaluators like for domains & for websites.

4. Get to know your local tax laws and what implications the purchase might have on your account books.

5. Check out the trend of the product or service which the website sells. See weather it is going up or down. A good website to check this would be
6. In the whois record( ) and Alexa ( ) the traffic trend wheather it is going up or down of the respective website in question.

7. Websites like & have trader ratings (feedback of previous buyers). It is highly unlikely that old members on these websites with good trader ratings will fraud and loose their years of business credibility for a single deal.

8. Google Analytics is difficult to manipulate so try getting it.

09. Do Not Leave a Lot Of Money In Your Paypal Account.

10. If You Are Purchasing A Very Expensive Website Ask The Seller To Give You Remote Access To His Computer For Monitoring Live Sales And/Or Other Revenue Sources.

11. Check Out This Automated Website Valuator at It isnt perfect like any other automated appraisal but it gives a good ball mark based on website age, traffic, backlinks etc.

12. Check The Black List Status Of The Website/Domain at

13. Type In The Domain Name In The Major Search Engines Using The Following Formats: www.yourdomain,com - "there is a comma between yourdomain and com" www.yourdomain(dot)com
Doing This Will Reveal The Pages Of The Domain/Website In The Search Engines Records. If The Domain/Website In Question Is Having Any Disptutes, Chances Are You'll Get To Know About It.

14. A Good Website Valuation Tool To Give You A Ballmark Value In Of Your Website In General.

Websites For Sale

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